Mr. Wood Black Dugout Kit | NEW RELEASE 9/1/2019

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THE MODERN DUGOUT is perfect for the on-the-go smoker.  Mr Wood Black is one sexy smoke box. 

★ The new standard of excellence.                    

★ Designed for the dedicated. ★ America's favorite smoke box comes with 2 smoky sticks made to avoid a hot piece.

★ Perfect blend of durable and discreet. 

★ Designed by a top engineer in the Emerald Triangle. ★ Our mission is to provide Unwavering American Durability.  

★ Travel Safe. The little black box is 4' x 2" x 1".   Perfect palm size and is comfortable in your pocket or safe in your purse.  Keeps all your smoking accessories safe and secure.  Super sweet stash box.  Mini bic lighter will fit inside. 

★ This crush proof case is built to perform on all your adventures.  Take it to a baseball game, the lake fishing, the woods hiking, throw it in your gym bag for after workouts, put it in your briefcase for a quick break at work, throw it in your tool box,  take it out for a night on the town with your best bud or when looking for a new one.  Built for duos, friends, couples, pairs and twosomes. Or for the solo pro.   

★ NO STINK.  This case is made with a unique blend of Industrial Strength Nylon and the highest quality materials available.   It is virtually indestructible and the finest storage solution.   

★ NO PINCH.  Designed different with rounded corner to comfortably fit in pockets.  

★ NO WORRIES.  Proudly Made in the USA by the best of the best.  

★ BUY WITH CONFIDENCE. 100% product satisfaction guarantee.  

★ Built with the highest quality USA materials. 

★ Made by the Best of the Best American workers.  

 ★ ULTIMATE DUGOUT: This is the ultimate smoke box, with custom soft touch springs that don't eject the bat into your face. Fully adjustable swivel lid which can be tighten anytime to provide airtight freshness and water resistance.  Dial in your own level of tightness. Only dugout with customization top.  Guaranteed Forever tight top. 

 ★ ON-THE-GO STEALTH: Perfectly sized with round edges fits comfortably in pocket. Discreet and durable design yet small enough to conceal in most places. 

 ★ INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH: Built to perform.   

 ★ XXL COMPARTMENT: The product chamber can hold up to 7 grams.    

 ★ MADE IN THE USA: The Mile High Hitter is proudly made in the USA. Built from high grade top quality nylon ensures the best performance and durability.


Fully Adjustable Swivel Top ( Tight Top Forever) 

XXL Product Chamber ( 7 Grams of Tobacco Product) 

Custom Soft Touch Springs (Ease of Use) 

Water Resistant (Seals in Freshness)   

Includes: (1) Nylon Case black base unit Pro Grade 3M wood grain wrap.  (2) glass smoky sticks &  (1) Poker 

BONUS: (2) additional smoky sticks, (2) perfect pokers &  (2) J tubes

 Tobacco Use only.  21+