On the Go Bundle: RAW 1 1/4" rolling papers, flip top Tubes & Pocket Size dugout

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TRAVEL COMPLETE - This bundle comes with all you need for your on the go smoking needs. Raw 1 1/4" rolling papers pack, 2 Clear Flip Top Tubes BPA Free plastic, Crush Proofsmoke box

SMELL PROOF BAG ALTERNATIVE - All items are pocket sized. Discreet & Durable. 

RAW - 1 1/4"  size cigarette rolling papers. 1 pack included, 32 leaves. The refined classic for a reason.

TRAVEL SAFE - .Designed to keep odors in and make sure everything is safe from moisture and is crush proof.

BUY WITH CONFIDENCE - 100% Product Guarantee. Proven Performance.

RAW king size cigarette rolling papers. 1 pack = 32 leaves.

FLIP TOP TRAVEL TUBES *Waterproof and airtight. Odor sealing consumer storage device designed to deep odors in and make sure everything is safe from moisture. Smell proof making it ideal for cigarettes. It provides excellent and easy storage in pockets or purse. The child resistant safety squeeze lid helps with safe storage. Simply squeeze the top of the tube together to pop open lid. BPA FREE, super strong advanced polymer is reinforced and UV resistant. (2) included at 3.5" inches tall. 

ONE OF A KIND Cigarette case / complete kit /storage *Built to last. Industrial grade nylon make this case virtually indestructible and the safest & finest storage solution. *Unique design. Swivel lid that is fully adjustable. This seals in odor and protects from moisture.

*Complete kit as pictured. Black box is 4" inches tall and fits perfect in your pocket.

*Designed for the on the go smoker who wants a smell proof bag alternative.

*Keep all your smoking accessories safe and secure. 

Best Roll your own kit on the market. 

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