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"The best dugout on the market is the Zombie Survival Kit For Smokers. It comes with two spring loaded bats and a large product compartment. As you can tell already, it’s far from your ordinary dugout. Most dugouts only come with one bat and a tiny compartments. It’s almost like there’s some conspiracy to make sure we can only store a super small amount in them or something. Well the Zombie Survival Kit remedied that problem as well as several others."
The best dugout on the market is the Zombie Survival Kit For Smokers.
Happy Weed Life - July 18, 2018
"Look at this nifty little thing. Is sturdy, compact, handy as all get-out, and fits right in your pocket. It makes an awesome gift and is perfect for smokers-on-the-go"
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"This is pretty much the ultimate in dugout boxes. Not only is this an on-the-go stealth ...smoker’s dream, it’s made with industrial strength nylon, and holds not one, but two one-hitters, both in black, so you can be the ultimate zombie-fighting, smoking machine and still have that “James Bond” feel to your experience at the same time. After all, from a distance, a black one-hitter can look like a mini pen-light, right? Just add a tuxedo to the whole outfit, and bam!"
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"We dig the made in Humboldt County California “Original & World Famous” Zombie Survival Kit for Smokers. Basically it’s a dugout with a great name that’s zombie crush proof—a great feature in a dugout pipe."
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Stuff Stoners Like
"Why they call it a zombie survival kit is beyond me but this really may be the world’s best hitter box. Most dugouts are made of wood. This one is made of a new industrial strength nylon which makes it possible to have such great features. It’s easy to wash, comfortable to carry, stays afloat if dropped in water, and is sure to hold up thru the apocalypse."
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"Pocket buddy for all your bug out needs.....easy to use on the go whether or not zombies are actually chasing you"
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OG Warehouse
".... is a great option for all.... It is perfectly sized... The design is great and easy to use, and the dugout is made from industrial strength nylon. Its very well priced and will last you quite a while and will easily prove its worth in its first use. "
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Smoke Weed Inc - January 18, 2018
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