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Original & World Famous : Black Box :

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My search for the perfection has finally ended.

Mike V

Starry Night | Custom case

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May or may not save your life during the Zombie Apocalypse,

Guaranteed to last as long as you do.

Works without need for charger...
1,000,000+ Happy Sezzle customers..Click to see why

1,000,000+ Happy Sezzle customers..Click to see why

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2 Pack | Boss Brass

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SOLD OUT:  Please email techsupport@zombiesurvivalkitforsmokers to be the first notified when available.  

"Truly a superior product to anything you have ever seen or used before."

 New BOSS BRASS. Excellence at its best.  Exclusive Clean Cut Tip & Cool Grip. A balanced & lighter brass hitter.  

*Clean Cut Tip.  Cuts your tobacco product with ease.  Just PUSH & TWIST.  Ready to Go.  No more half loaded smoking tools. 

*A balanced brass one hitter.  The lightness of aluminum with the durability of brass. 

*Not heavy or bulk like the brass hitters for the past 70 years of the same thing.  This unit is even back-bored so it is lighter and hits more like a small power hitter.  

*100%  American sourced brass. Not brass over nickel. The best & highest quality of Brass available.   (Keys to Success : Use top level materials only.) 


*3" brass Clean Cut Tip design X 2

*cleaning tool

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